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Resources for Librarians

Collection Development


The CCB adds annotated bibliographies to our list monthly.

Spanish-language Books for Youth

Various resources for Spanish-language collection development, reader's advisory, and book fairs.

Race and Fantasy Literature for Youth

Suggested fantasy titles that engage the topic of race, plus related blogs.

Comics and Graphic Novels

List of featured links to collection development and other tools specific for comics and graphic novels.

Awards in Youth Literature

This simple guide leads users to websites for awards given to youth literature.

Book Challenges

An instructional manual to help librarians when they have a book challenge in their library.

Articles, Papers, and Position Statements on Reading

A few resources with information about children's reading and its importance.

Youth Services Research Projects

Students in the GSLIS program created these websites for classes, but the topics are relevant to anyone working with youth literature.


Reader's Advisory Sources

  1. Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University

    This academic website allows you to search over 5000 absrtacts of picture books by keyword, title, or author.

  2. Database of Award Winning Children's Literature
    by Lisa R. Bartle

    This searchable database creates tailored reading lists of quality children's literature and searches 60 indexed awards from six English-speaking countries.

  3. Kent (MI) District Library "What's Next?" database for series books

    Searching by author, title, or series name, this free database lists the names of series books in correct order.

  4. A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books
    by Carolyn W. Lima and John A. Lima
    CCB Reference Collection - 011.62 L628a2006

    Lists the best fiction and non-fiction picture books in various subjects, including emotions, behaviors, activities, character traits, animals, food, and holidays.

  5. Best Books for Children: Preschool through Grade 6
    edited by John T. Gillespie and Corinne J. Naden
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.162 G412b2006
    Best Books for Middle School and Junior High Readers: Grades 6-9
    edited by John T. Gillespie and Catherine Barr
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.5 G412be
    Best Books for High School Readers: Grades 9-12
    edited by John T. Gillespie and Catherine Barr
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.5 G412b

    Lists books, one sentence annotations, and month and year of when it was reviewed in certain review journals, arranged by major categories including: Literary forms, Literary History and Criticism, Language and Communication, Biography, Memoirs, Etc., The Arts and Entertainment, History and Geography, Philosophy and Religion, Society and the Individual, Guidance and Personal development, Physical and Applied Sciences, and Recreation and Sports.

  6. What do Children Read Next?
    by Candy Colborn
    CCB Reference Collection - 016.81308 C671W
    What do Young Adults Read Next?
    by Pam Spencer
    CCB Reference Collection - 016.813 Sp34w

    These Gale reference sources for fiction include indexes for Series, Award, Time Period, Geographic area, Subject, Character Name, Character Description, Age, Author, and Title information.


Programming for Youth

Reading Guides

  1. Kids Reads

    This kid-friendly website offers information about authors and books, information about how to start a book club, and games, trivia, & word scrambles.

  2. Teen Reads

    Aimed at teens, this website features author interviews, reviews written by teens and adults, and newsletters. Information about how to start a book club and reading guides featuring a summary of the book and discussion questions are included.

  3. Reading Group Guides

    Reading guides featuring books for adults, organized by genre and broad subjects.

  4. The Book Haven

    Links to websites to help answer questions about how to start a reading group, how to maintain a group once it's formed, and how to decide what the group should read.

Book Talks

  1. Juniorplots: A Book Talk Manual for Teachers and Librarians
    More Juniorplots: A Guide for Teachers and Librarians
    Juniorplots 3: A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers, Ages 12-16
    Juniorplots 4: A Book Talk Guide for Use with Readers, Ages 12-16

    by John T. Gillespie with Corinne J. Naden
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.162 G412j3

    Each volume has information about 80 books to help you write a booktalk. All 80 titles have a short paragraph about the author, a detailed Plot Summary, Thematic Material, Book Talk Material, Additional Selections, and sources to find more information About the Author.

  2. Seniorplots: a book talk guide for use with readers ages 15-18
    by John T. Gillespie and Corinne J. Naden
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.535 G412S

    Same as Juniorplots, but these books are for an older audience.

  3. Booktalk!
    edited by Joni Bodart
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.55 B644

    This book, aimed at public librarians, explains why booktalks are important, how to write one, and how to effectively give booktalks.

  4. Gotcha! Nonfiction Booktalks to Get Kids Excited About Reading
    by Kathleen A. Baxter, Marcia Agness Kochel
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.162 B335g

    Suggest high-interest nonfiction titles and explain why the books are appealing.

  5. Making the Match, Chapter 9
    by Teri Lesesne
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.5 L565m

    Defines booktalking, explains the components of a good booktalk, provides a sample agenda, lists the dos and don'ts, and offers further resources.

How-to Storytime Sources

  1. Cool Story Programs For the School-age Crowd
    By Rob Reid
    CCB Reference Collection - 028.55 R272c

  2. Crazy Gibberish and Other Story Hour Stretches from a Storyteller's Bag of Tricks
    By Naomi Baltuck
    CCB Reference Collection - 372.642 B217C

  3. Storytime Action! 2,000+ Ideas for Making 500 Picture Books Interactive
    By Jennifer Bromann
    CCB Reference Collection - 027.62 B787s

  4. The Storytime Sourcebook: A Compendium of Ideas and Resources for Storytellers
    By Carolyn N. Cullum
    CCB Reference Collection - 027.6251 C898s1999

  5. A Storytime Year: A Month-to-Month Kit for Preschool Programming
    Susan M. Dailey
    CCB Reference Collection - 027.62 D141s


Finding Book Reviews

  1. Children's Literature Comprehensive Database

    Includes full-text reviews for many books.

  2. Horn Book

    Includes full text reviews and scholarly articles.

  3. Library Literature

    When searching using title and author as keywords, reviews occasionally pop up.

  4. Children's Book Review Index
    CCB Reference Collection - 010 C4362

    Using the year the book was published, choose the appropriate volume to find out which review journals reviewed that book.

  5. Children's Literature Review
    CCB Reference Collection - 026.1 C537

    Each volume has excerpts from reviews, criticism, and commentary on eight authors who have written books for children and young people.