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Tips for parents

During Programs | At Home and Every Day


During Programs

  • Relax! Enjoy this special time with your infant

  • Don't worry if you don't know the song or rhymes - they will be repeated many times for you to join along and learn

  • Be sure to join in and sing along with the songs, rhymes and move your baby with the actions

  • Talk to your baby and identify various things from the stories, songs, and rhymes - Where are baby's toes? What does the duck say?

  • Your baby may not appear to be actively participating, but she learns a great deal though her senses and is very much aware of sounds, touch, taste, and sight that are happening during the program

  • Feel free to take books and handouts after programs to use at home with your baby

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At Home and Every Day

  • You are the best teacher for your baby as she gets ready for learning to read

  • Incorporate rhymes and songs into your daily routine: diaper changes, bathtime, mealtime, cartime, playtime, bedtime!!

  • Pick the best time when both you and your baby are in the mood to share books

  • Share throughout the book - point to pictures and talk in an excited voice, name objects, colors; count

  • Relax - let him play with the book, turn pages, chew (that's what board books are for!)

  • Cuddles and love while sharing books- this is a special bonding time for you and your baby

  • Share books with musical qualities - repetition, rhymes and bouncing

  • If your baby loses interest, just come back and try at a different time

  • SHARE BOOKS EVERYDAY - it's important even if only for a few minutes

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