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First Edition Publication Information

Harper & Brothers, New York, NY. Simultaneously published by: E. M. Hale, Eu Claire, WI. 1932

First Edition

In light brown cloth binding with stamped title and image by Sewell.

Image of Cover Art



176 pages, 12 leaves. Each leaf is 16 pages.

Edited and or Introduced

Not edited or introduced. No dedication.

Illustrations by Helen Sewell

15 illustrations including a 3-color frontispiece on art glossy 'coated' paper, printed in blue, black and red inks.

Image of Frontspiece

Sample Illustration

General appearance

Size of cover — 21 cm high x 15 cm wide. The upper case letters measure .4 centimeters. The lower case letters in the text measure 2.5 centimeters.

Image of Sample Page

Illustration goes here


The machine made paper is smooth and shows some browning on the outside edges with a soft beige tone in the middle of the pages. Only one page (129) has a tear in the upper outside corner. The pages seem to be standing up to time very well. Page size is 21.1 cm. high x 17 cm. wide.

Description of Binding

The original binding is of cloth stamped with the title, author's name and a Helen Sewell image. The boards are pasteboard.

Text on the cover: (upper lines — letters are 1 cm. high) (1st line — centered) LITTLE HOUSE (2nd line — centered) ON THE PRAIRIE

(stamped picture in center of cover, 7.8 centimeters high x 7.1 centimeters wide)

(lower lines — centered — letters are .6 centimeters high) LAURA INGALLS WILDER

Text on the spine

LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS (small squirrel on leaves stamp) BY Laura Ingalls Wilder Junior Guild

Illustration on the cover

The cover illustration is of a small cabin in a densly wooded area. A rabbit can be seen in the foreground peeking toward the little house.

Title Page Transcription

LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS BY Laura Ingalls Wilder Illustrated by HELEN SEWELL HARPER & BROTHERS New York and London

Title Page Verso Inscription

LITTLE HOUSE IN THE BIG WOODS Copyright, 1932, by Harper & Brothers Printed in the United States of America First Edition B-G

Image of Title Page

Manuscript Holdings

The Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum has a copy of the original manuscript as part of it's collection of Rose Wilder Lane's correspondence and writing. For further information contact the library's Senior Archivist at:

P.O. Box 488
210 Parkside Dr.
West Branch, IA 52358
fax: 319-643-6045

Other Jacket copy, inscription, etc.


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