Latino Booklists

“Latinos are often presented as a monolithic group, as if the vast differences in national origin, geography, native language, race, class, and place of birth, among others, did not exist.” –Gerardo Marin and Barbara Vanoss Marin
The Latino population in the United States is made up of many cultures. The majority of people are from Mexico, but there are also many from Puerto Rico, El Salvador, South America, Cuba, and many other areas. Each of these cultures is distinctly different, and should be represented in such a way. This uniqueness and authentic representation of culture was key in selecting books for this resource. Complete criteria included quality of writing and art, positive and unique representation of culture and people, three-dimensional characters, appeal to intended audience, recent information, imaginative and enlightening, and that it provides new insights into Latino people and cultures. Formation of this criteria was influenced by Isabel Schon’s criteria in The Best of Latino Heritage: A Guide to the Best Juvenile Books about Latino People and Culture. Selection was additionally based on booklists by Kay Vandergrift, "Growing up Latino in the U.S.A." from ALA, and reviews of the books from The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books. Books of special distinction are starred.

I Love Saturdays y Domingos
Picture Books
Ages 0-8

Esperanza Rising Cover
Middle Grade
Ages 8-14

Sammy & Juliana Cover
Young Adult
Ages 14 and up

Tomas by Pat Mora
Libros en Español